Triple 000 , save the Emergency app that could safe a life.

Sunday night my husband, boys and I were traveling home from a day/night in Sydney, it was after 10pm . 

Noticing a truck parked oddly on the wrong side of the road in the distance - we slowed to a stop - to see the aftermath of a horrific [utility] motor vehicle and truck accident.

Vehicle wreckage was strewn over a wide distance , the vehicles were about 50-70m apart on a dark narrow, desolate country road.

My husband got out first , the utility was on an angle the rear chassis and wheels, perched mid air, on it's side and the driver hanging out through the windscreen, bleeding profusely not conscious or breathing , he thought.

I got out to render any first aid I could and sat underneath him to support the fellow's head. It was so dark. I was so relieved when he spoke, so gabbled, I could barely hear him. We found his wallet on the road, called his name and he was semi-responsive. It was horrific, he was in incredible pain. There was nothing we could do but comfort him
Pillows and towels were retrieved from our car to ease discomfort and stop bleeding.

Normally, there is no mobile reception at all , but by some miracle - my husband got through to 000, it dropped out but he called again. It was hard to explain the location, we knew where we were between two roads but there were no houses (only farmland) and no landmarks except miles away where the road met the highway.

The truck driver [other vehicle] was presumably in deep shock my husband went to check on him after a few minutes. He was walking to and fro so we knew he was okay.

Cradling the trapped, injured man as best I could, comforting and reassuring him the ambulance was coming, hoping he wouldn't die and urging him to hang on. He begged me not to leave him. Another car and a truck stopped to assist.

He wanted to die due to his pain. A small toy matchbox type car lay on the ground and his children were mentioned.I knew his injuries were most likely serious.

I was never so relieved when several Police, Emergency rescue, Rural fire brigade personel and Paramedics arrived one after the other though approx.30 mins later. Lights flashing everywhere in the dark night.

The short story is they got a spinal board, were able to crawl in back of the ute cab and release his legs (from his boots I guess). They slid him out and put him on a stretcher, then into the ambulance. They stayed there about 20mins+ stabilising him for transport to hospital.

It was a solemn wait till it was clear to go through the debris on the road and around emergency vehicles. The ambulance was far from sight , we didn't see it again.

We arrived home at 1am (we expected to be home by 11pm). Finally we went to bed about 2-3am. Having left 2 pillows and towels behind blood stained I saw my gorgeous boy had unbeknownst to me put his spare pillow in my spot on the bed as he said he would do when I said we had to leave them. I didn't sleep much.

I called the local hospital in the morning , he had been flown to Sydney some time through the night. We know nothing more.

We ended up taking home a dog found at the scene - we and the Police presume it was his. We are waiting to hear back from the Police.

The second operator was so focused on directions and exact location. I wish now we knew about this app.

The Emergency+ app is a free app developed by Australia's emergency services and their Government and industry partners.

The app uses GPS functionality built into smart phones to help a Triple Zero (000) caller provide critical location details required to mobilise emergency services

They have a kids app too - The Triple Zero Kids' Challenge, where kids learn about how to deal confidently with and get help in an emergency, by playing games and solving problems.

They'll learn about safety messages and hear what happens when you call Triple Zero (000) 

My boys were so good, watching from the car - obediently , somewhat bewildered and they had many questions after. One boy told us something was leaking from the back - it was actually diesel. Thank goodness it was not petrol , it is more dangerous , so my husband tells me.

The Rural fire service later hosed it down with foam.

Please be careful traveling this holiday season especially on country road and do everyone a favour and download these free apps.

PS Save not safe though both work ! 

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