Chasing Booty

Chasing Booty sounds like fun but seriously we are in for the FIGHT .

The fight is larger than my son Sam , who has Neurofibromatosis.

Sam is our personal inspiration behind the hilarity that involves running 1.5km in our undies (maybe a tutu or two too) .

Sprint as Superman or just jog in your jocks.

Don't wait for adventure to find you - make your own adventures !

 It's very likely  Sam will face some challenges in life , so we dream BIG and party for the cause and a CURE.

Hey Mum, I'm in love.

Our Sam was diagnosed with NF1 at 4 months and so far he was been well apart from vision impairement caused by NF and corrected by glasses. Other children we know battle tumours, amputations, disfigurement and undergone chemotherapy and radiation.

 I underwent surgery and radiation for a malignant tumour related to NF1 3 yrs ago.

I'm still grappling with how NF affects me and have my whole life - I haven't let it stopped me yet , even though I've had many ups & downs, and health challenges.

In the process of funraising we will also contribute to breaking the isolation of patients and families around the world living with a rare disease.  Sometimes the tumours can manifest as massively disfiguring facial tumours.

Sometimes the battle is too much.
Clinical trials for children we know are making a difference.

I don't understand why it's so hard to raise our voices.
Stop the stigma of being different.
Step up to make a difference.

Cupid’s Undie Runners are a group of wonderfully generous and supportive family, friends, and friends of friends, who band together to raise funds for the Children's Tumour Foundation in the fight against Neurofibromatosis.

No matter where you live - you can donate or particiapte. Every small amount helps, contributing towards funding for better treatment options, lifesaving clinical trials and support.

Sam isn't as fast as his twin but still goes as hard and always sees the funnier side of life....

I really need your help. We are still a long way from our target - don't be shy to donate a five !
For about the cost of a cup of coffee you can contribute to saving a life.

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