Very poignant that this afternoon in my Facebook feed one post directly after the other , related but unrelated to each other.

First was a picture of friend who had lung transplant just over two years ago - bushwalking up a trail path; then the awesome news another friend's husband's 8 year wait for a new kidney ended when he received the phone call today. 

J is a father with a still young family - 10 and 8 yr old. His family acknowledged the grieving family, as do our other friends.

Of course nobody wants to think about dying but the reality is we don't know ...

If you'd like to be an organ donor you need to register. It doesn't happen with your license anymore. Have a look, it could save a life.

Register your donation decision online today.
Registering on the Australian Organ Donor Register is important because it leaves your family in no doubt of your decision to become a donor. 
Registration matters. In 2016, 88% of families agreed to donation proceeding where their family member was a registered donor. This drops to just 52% if the deceased was not registered and the family had no prior knowledge of their wishes.
Have you decided ?

PS - Cupid's in 5 days

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