Magnifier Magnificent

Who knew there about a little known feature in iOS 10 (iPhones) called Magnifier ?

I'm know I've seen it but never used it till today.
I always have a magnifying glass handy now. 

I wear contact lens as I'm long sighted , but I need reading glasses to see small print when I wear my contacts.

My husband won't lend me his reading glasses (I lost his spare pair on the plane to China)
When shopping I struggle to read the fine print especially on labels. 

Magnifier turns your iPhone’s camera into a virtual magnifying glass with a custom UI for easier reading.

Not hidden, but buried in Accessibility settings, especially since the feature was designed for those with vision impairment. 

How you can enable it ? 

In less than 10 seconds or 5 Taps

These hilarious ladies can show you - or keep reading below.

Open the Settings app 

Tap General

Tap Accessibility tab

Tap ‘Magnifier’ -  toggle to enable 

Your done ! Triple-click HOME button to activate Magnifier anytime

There are a few extra features in accessibility you can check out for yourself too.
Toggle Auto-Brightness to enable automatic brightness and contrast adjustments based on ambient light when using Magnifier.

Well what do you know ?

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