Must stop sabotaging myself !

Can you believe two choc hot cross buns (not even hot nor toasted) when I got home from shopping and a sausage sandwich,1/2 can coke from Bunnings before that !

I was volunteering at the time for the Scouts. I hardly ever drink Coke.

My goals this week are 
  1. Eat healthy for the day week rather than just till lunch time. 
  2. Make time to get out for a couple of early morning runs again - including a fabulous opportunity to train with Jane Fardell in our local women's running group.
  3. Stretch
  4. My ongoing 30 burpees a day
  5. Cycling three times (including the She Rides session Monday)
  6. Finish Get started at least ... all our 2016 tax returns (two personal /farm and our Business)
  7. Book a Cruise
  8. Circumstances conspired with my son having an eye injury and being off school almost 3 weeks - so I missed my usual group gym classes. No more excuses, back to it this week.
  9. No Facebook after 9pm
  10. In bed by 10pm (with reading time)
Update : Day 2/30 = 60 Burpees in the tank (very slow and with rest breaks)

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