Taking stock : Outward Bound

It's been a while and I'm today I'm taking stock ...

Making : Soup - Pumpkin is my favourite.
Cooking : just DIVINE Banana and Walnut Bread
Drinking : Copious cups of tea because I'm going wine free Mon to Friday 5pm wine o clock.
Reading: Jackie French's To Love a Sunburnt Country 
Wanting: Rissotto for dinner - but it's not happening.
Looking: Endlessly for missing school uniform items and soccer gear.Every. Damn.Day.
Playing: with Fidget spinners
Wasting: Time
Sewing: Up Holes in the sleeping bag
Wishing: Someone would come and do my sewing
Enjoying: Winter sunshine in Cloud 9 hanging chair
Waiting: For Outward Bound Women of Courage 
Liking: Starting potential new friendships with other families who have the same genetic disorder as I do - Family support group
Wondering: Why I didn't do it earlier
Loving: Balance and bodyawareness exercises.
Hoping: It's not too cold in Canberra next week for the Outward Bound 'Women of Courage' 6 day trek - Namagbi National Park near Canberra ..bbrrrrr
Marvelling: That almost 5yrs has passed since my Breast Cancer diagnosis.
Needing: A holiday ... we booked a Cruise for November.
Listening: To Outlander series on audible audio books.
Wearing: gym gear with hiking boots because it reminds me to keep moving.
Following: 6 Exercises everyone must do
Noticing: More grey hairs
Knowing: if I want I have to go faster - I must 25 ways to run faster - 
Thinking: I might go for another walk.
Bookmarking: 24 diagrams that make healthy eating easy http://ow.ly/NWWY8
Opening: Wine in 3 hrs
Feeling: Pain from group classes at the gym.

Taking Stock is Thanks to Pip at Meet Me at Mikes.

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