Not me , my blog.
Though I am slightly cracked and very rusty.
I'm slow but I go.

Like the Tin Man.
Only he wanted a heart didn't he and tin doesn't rust.

I need oil and new joints. I digress, as much as my joints creak and ache, still I run.

My HTML is rusty too.
Did anyone else have the photobucket 500 error ?
I inadvertently had mine hosted by two others on their photobucket sites .
A change in policy and wham - ugly error messages.

No way am I paying $400 + to host a few blog images and labels.

I deleted what I didn't need or changed the photobucket images to my own url.
Google - I love you.
You have my heart always.

I earned my cape and now I off again for Cancer Council NSW in less than 3 weeks.

My sixth City 2 Surf and sixth year as a Gold Charity runner.
I'm slow but I go.
Why ?

Cancer Council NSW

No, I am feeling more than broken. In July my friend was diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer. She's a mother of 2 children 6 & 9 , photographer, and wife. It is at present incurable or terminal for want of a word we all hate to hear.

She has hopes but we all have to die at some time , some sooner and this is not something she plans to dwell on.

Did you know that some Cancer patients in Australia can be forced to pay $10,000 month for life saving drugs not listed on PBS. 

She was recommended a new targeted drug that she can get on compassionate grounds, direct from the pharmaceutical company that makes it (as it is not a PBS listed drug).

Voice over inspiration #Robynmoore 's lovely words July 25 2015:
difference between optimist and pessimist - both walk past stable full of piles of manure ... pessimist says oh yuck that smells : optimist dives in and says there has to be a pony in there somewhere.

There have been so many ponies in my cancer journeys and I wish I had a pony for the City to Surf in 3 weeks .

Every donation counts $5 is perfect and tax deductible.
I remain optimistic I'll smash the finish line .
I'm also a Cancer Council advocate so I am very aware of where their fundraising $ go.

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