I've never been the girl that's had the five year plan

So this memory popped up today.

It seems so long ago.

Five years ago - my goal was not to die.
Not that I had any control .

I had choices to stay as 'well' as I could and so far it's working. I work at it.

Funny that I enjoy her music and love her name. There are not many famous women named Trisha !
I have travelled so far since then.
Plans ? I have a few ongoing and yet I never tick everything off my list.

I'm better at one year plan. I can't even ...

five years ?

The first item on my list which was to

1. Start a list.
Meanwhile I’ll be getting on with
2. Five kms activity daily (run; walk. paddle or ride)
3. 1018 You vs year Challenge
4. Bike 3018 kms year
5. Lose fat, gain muscle ? (leaving this open)
6. Reach 75 Parkruns
7. Newcrest Orange Cycle Challenge 70kms
8. Gear up Girl 80kms Ride
9. Sign up for a Zoo 2 Zoo ride
10. 1 sec day app
11. In bed before 11pm 5 nights a week
12. BUG Ride once a month
13. Average 12,500 steps a day
14. Pink Triathlon
15. Volunteer x 2 month (parkrun, Meal on wheels or elsewhere)
16. Daily gratitude journal
17. Read 20 books : Listen 10 Audio books
18. One month Alcohol free

I'd be better trying to keep it simple.

Not everyone is blessed with more years - this also reminded me today how fragile life is . Take a moment to read Holly's final words. She passed away last week @27 yrs from a rare cancer called Sarcoma. I had a different Sarcoma too.

Are a five year plan kind of girl ? or guy ?

In my next 62 days

Dragon Boat Paddling Chinese New year with Breast Cancer Survivors (Dragons Abreast) in Feb.

In March : #7 & 8 plus a Gear up Girl ambassador ride this weekend.

Dragon Boat Paddling with Breast Cancer Survivors at National Dragon boating championships on Gold Coast is in between the two bike rides.

Use my code for discount at Gear Up Girl  : Trish10

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